Series Points



"Epic" and "Journey" Challenges

“Each challenge is classified as “Epic” or “Journey” with Epic Challenges typically having  longer and more challenging courses. Each classification will  have their own separate series point system (Epic Series Points & Journey Series Points). Each system will have both age/category points and overall points. Some challenges such as the Francis Peak MTB Challenge and the Mt. Olympus Challenge are classified as both “Epic” and “Journey”. The reason for this is that these type of races are Epic as in “Freaking Rad” but contain a course that is manageable by Journey Series Participants. It is important to note that in the instance that a race is classified as both “Epic” and “Journey” there will be 2 different registration pages and leader boards. If you plan on completing several challenges in the same discipline (trail running, mtn. biking etc) over the course of the summer/fall  and want to acquire series points for end of season awards be conscious of this distinction when registering and consistently sign up for “Epic” or “Journey” challenges as points are not transferrable between the two separate point systems.  Additionally, point systems from different disciplines  don’t cross over. They are counted separately. Example: points acquired from your Epic Trail Run Challenges can’t be used with points from your Epic MTB Challenges. 




Place Points Place Points
1st 25 6th 10
2nd 20 7th 9
3rd 16 8th 8
4th 13 9th 7
5th 11 10th and on 6


Age/Sex Based Categories in 5 year increments

For each challenge participants will receive both age based category series and overall series points. 

End of Season Awards

To be considered for end of season awards, a participant must participate in at least 3 challenges in the same discipline (eg:
Trail Running Challenge). At the end of the season in late fall the Top 3 series point leaders in each age/sex category will receive awards. Additionally, Overall category awards will be given to the Top 3 male and Top 3 female series points leaders in both the “Epic” and “Journey” categories. Participants who place in the top 3 overall will not be eligible for age based category awards (Share the wealth!:)

Prize Money

See each race registration page for prize money details









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