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Choose a Race that you’d like to register for and create an account

Click the “Register” button for the race you’d like to compete in

Complete the course using a fitness app/watch to time yourself. Any app/watch (garmin, strata etc.) works as long as you can publicly share the website link to your activity. Your activity link must show your details including a map, total duration including stopping time that it took you to complete the course. Log into your account and click “Enter Record”


Submit your race details from your watch/app. Don’t worry if your data (mileage etc) are slightly different from competitors. Most fitness apps on the same course produce slightly different data. Again, all apps (strava, garmin etc) work so long the public can see your activity (time, distance,map etc).

After you submit your data, your results will immediately appear at the top of the leaderboard. Click the time bar to see how you rank overall and use the filters see how you rank in your category. Every race you’ll accumulate series points that count towards the end of season awards. Fast & Easy!

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