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A new & unique multi-sport challenge series containing running (trail and road), biking (mountain & road) and hiking challenges. New challenges will be added in each discipline every several weeks throughout the summer and fall providing a great variety of courses and experiences. Challenges will take place all over the Wasatch. The series is open to all ages and abilities. Each challenge is open typically 3-4 weeks. Swag, Awards and Prize Money are included in the challenges. Participants complete the challenge course independently on their own time by themselves or with a friend (CDC &local guidelines including social distancing must be followed).  After completing the challenge participants submit their fitness app activity link (garmin, strava, etc.) to this website which then instantaneously ranks the participant overall and in the participants age/sex category. There’s NO emailing data and NO WAITING for results to be posted. You will see your results/rankings instantaneously! Additionally, all participants will receive series points for each challenge they complete. At the end of the season points from all the challenges are added up and awards given. To reemphasize, participants complete the challenges on their own providing their own preparation, their own support, their own safety measures etc. The Wasatch Epic will not be present at any time on the challenge course and will not provide any support whatsoever. You are on your own. After reviewing  available challenges from the home page, you’ll create an account and register for a race.  See individual Challenge pages for details and registration links. The registration and data submittal process is shown below.


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