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4 Canyon Road Bike Challenge

Compete individually and on a team in the 4 Canyon Road Bike Challenge. The Challenge consists of 4 hill climbs over 2 months (AF Canyon, Pine Canyon, Little Cottonwood, Big Cottonwood). Participants complete the hill climbs on their own time frame and can reride the courses to better their times as often as they want. Teams are composed of 3 members. Team members do not have to ride the courses at the same time. The software automatically adds the cumulative time of each team memeber and ranks accordingly. Individuals are also ranked (You don’t have to be on a team). After completing the course you upload your fitness link (Strava,Garmin etc.) to our app and immediately see your results and category ranking. The cost is $35 for all 4 climbs and includes a cool medal and prizes. Register for one of the climbs below and we will send you comp codes for the 3 other climbs.

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