Mt. Olympus Hiking Challenge

 It’s all uphill. It’s relentless but it’s totally worth it. The Greek gods at the top await and provide some of the best views anywhere. A great hike for the family. All registrants receive an Olympus Challenge hat.

Make sure to read the course description below for important information.

All Participants Receive Olympus Challenge Hat plus the chance to win give-aways from our sponsors

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This challenge is timed from the trailhead sign at the bottom to the mailbox at the top. Your challenge starts with a steep flight of stairs. After the initial huff up the stairs you are launched onto a trail that toggles between runnable and steep hike sections. The last mile or so is mostly straight up and makes most mortal souls fast walk at best. The last 10 or so minutes is a rock scramble (see warnings below) up to the top where a black mailbox awaits. Stop your fitness app at the mailbox because you have reached the finish line! At the top, surreal views abound of the valley floor and the surrounding Wasatch ridgeline.


Course: See top of this page for course GPX download, Strava, Garmin etc.

Mileage: 3.2 mile, 4100′ elevation gain to the top. Timed section for this challenge is from bottom to top. Roundtrip mileage is 6.4 miles.

Start: Start your fitness app (garmin/phone etc.) at the Trailhead sign in the photo below.

Finish: Stop your fitness app (garmin/phone etc.) upon reaching the black mailbox at the top of Mt. Olympus.

Trailhead: Traditional parking lot is under construction.


Warnings: In addition to being a strenuous climb the whole way, the very last stretch requires a bit of rock scrambling and navigation. If you have never have done this route, locating the beginning of the rock scramble and navigating will require some thought. For this reason, an early weekend morning start would increase the likeliehood of seeing many people on the trail including on the rock scramble section. That being said, it’s common to see families with children making it to the top. Make sure to research the route and it’s advisable that you go with a friend (practice CDC and local social distancing guidelines). Remember, you are on your own. There is no support of any kind along the way. Bring plenty of water and food. An early morning start is suggested as it avoids the highest temperatures of the day and provides adequated sunlight in case you lose your way or have issues.


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Google Maps Course Walkthrough

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