Big Cottonwood Downhill Challenge – Mill D Down

A beautiful canyon downhill  run turned into an awesome competition with team options! Complete the course and better your time as often as you want. 


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Road Construction: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there is no constructions. Monday thru Thursday pedestrians are restricted from mile post 8 to Brighton due to construction. See this link for updates.

Course: See top of page for GPX, Strava, Garmin downloads. You can use any fitness app or device that provides a link that can be shared and viewed by the public and shows elapsed time.

Duration: In hopes of improving ones time & ranking, participants are encouraged to make multiple attempts and log their times multiple times thru October 4th.

Mileage: 8.9 miles

Start: Start your fitness device/app as you stand on the pavement adjacent to the restrooms at the Mill D/Donut Falls parking area in Big Cottonwood Canyon. You can use strava, garmin or any fitness app that provides a weblink so the public can view your activity. Your app must show elapsed time (not just moving time). See “How it Works” button for instructions on logging your time.

Finish: Stop your fitness device/app right as you enter the Park and Ride Lot  and pass the restrooms at the bottom of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Rules: Participants can complete the course/improve and reenter their time as often as they’d like through October 4th. Final results will be determined from the final  leader board standings (end of October 4th)

Individual/Team Options: After registering as an individual you can create a team at no extra cost. Teams must have 3 members (no more or no less). The leaderboard will show both individual and team times. Team members do not have to run the course at the same time. The software/app will automatically add up all team members times. Note: before creating a team, each team member must have already logged their time on the leaderboard.

Relive Course Flyover

Google Maps Course Walkthrough

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